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Curia Palace Hotel’s History in Coimbra

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Curia Palace Hotel’s History

History Hotel in Coimbra

What Montecatini stands for to Italy, Baden Baden to Germany, or Évian to France, so does Curia to Portugal, as one of it’s renowned spa towns. The name “Curia” derives from the “aqua curiva” of the Romans, the water that cures, who first discovered the Curia springs more than a thousand years ago.

From the beginning of the 20thn century onwards, Curia, just north at the outskirts of the University town of Coimbra, has been a meeting place for celebrities and Portuguese bourgeoisie, who were attracted by the springs as well as by its cosmopolitan hotels, the casino, the idyllic spa park and the glorious wines of the region and local gastronomy, highlighting the famous “leitão da Bairrada”, the suckling pig that is one of Portugal’s most worshipped dishes.

The unrivaled nostalgic Belle Époque and Art Nouveau ambiance, along with the local garden estate featuring formal and natural settings, being the main characteristics of this thermal spa resort, this place is a paradise for those who cherish life´s pleasures and wish to recharge their batteries. Also perfect for those who choose the site as base for the discovery of the central region of Portugal, around Coimbra and Oporto, due to its easy and convenient access to all its touristic attractions and main cities.

And it stands at the heart of the Bairrada, one of the most popular wine growing districts in Portugal, an insider tip for the gourmet and connoisseur of good wines.