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Hoteis Alexandre Almeida’s Bussaco wines in Portugal

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Bussaco wines

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Enjoy the world-famous Bussaco wines, exclusively available for guests! This iconic wine created by Alexandre Almeida has, for a long time, been served to kings, queens, and heads of state. If you love wine, don't miss this opportunity to taste our unique Bussaco wines.




 Hoteis Alexandre Almeida
 Hoteis Alexandre Almeida
 Hoteis Alexandre Almeida
 Hoteis Alexandre Almeida

Types of wines

Buçaco Tinto

Is a deep wine that reveals the freshness and vigour of Baga da Bairrada (red grape variety) and the elegance of the Touriga Nacional do Dão grape variety. With a pleasing black fruit aroma, this wine offers a pleasant complexity and enhancement.

Buçaco Vinha da Mata Reservado,

A rare red wine, is without a question, one of the producer's best wines. This wine is made with grapes from a single vineyard and grown near our gorgeous Palace Bussaco hotel. It brings a complex and intensely aromatic aftertaste.

Buçaco Reserva

Is one of the best and long-lasting white wines in the Iberian Peninsula and is extremely aromatic, fine, and reputed. It brings a complex aroma with a smoky character.